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The strength and positive effects of the black magical stone shungite have been known for centuries. The shungite is an extraordinary stone, because of its structure, special characteristics, chemical composition, age, mystical origin and complex spectrum of use. Thanks to scientists and doctors, the stone has become widely known within the previous decades. SHUNGITE IS THE NEW BLACK delivers to you the best quality brands on the market approved by the EU standards. Here you can find the most interesting information and facts about this phenomenon. We wish you a pleasant journey on discovering this magical black gold. Now available on amazon

This black magic stone is a two million years old polymineral carbon rock and it can be found only in one place on earth – in the russian village Šunga. That explains why this famous black stone was given the name shungite. Even though there is only one geographical place where the real shungite appears, it is being mined in different fractions and qualities. SHUNGITE IS THE NEW BLACK is giving you the guarantee for first class products made from real shungite, tested and approved in EU. Not only are we offering products with the highest quality available on the market, but we also want to spread the knowledge about the positive effects of this sensational stone based on scientific facts. We wish you a pleasant journey by discovering this black magical gold – shungite.

Shungite is the only well-known rock that contains fullerens. The fullerene molecule is organic and the crystals of those molecules called fullerites are a transitional form between organic and inorganic substances. Fullerenes and their derivates are strong antioxidants, that easily react with free radicals, which damage the cells of the body. The fullerene is a unique carbon form, that represents a molecule with the highest possible symmetry (C60, C70). Fullerenes have outstanding conductive, absorbent, antibacterial and regenerative qualities. The discovery of fullerene was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1966. High quality shungite perfectly hydrates and nurtures the organs, skin, regenerates the whole body, clears water, recovers flowers and soil, shadows electromagnetic field often used for jewelry. By following us on Facebook, you will get useful information and updates about this phenomenon. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find just the right shungite solution for you.

The history of Karelian shungite takes us back to the 17th century, when the black fields in russian Karelia were discovered. The very fertile soil was specific for this region. Back in 1709 during the war in Poltava, various testimonies have confirmed, that the water from the lake became undrinkable and harmful because of the hot summer. The soldiers were commanded to only drink water disinfected by shungite, while the swedish army and the king, Karol XII. suffered from stomach problems. An interesting fact is, that there were no similar cases reported by the russian army. Later, in the 19th century this black magic stone has been defined as “the last member of the amorphous carbon family” by professor A.A. Inostracev and was given its present name – shungite. After that milestone scientific experiments have begun. In the 20th century, scientists have finally revealed the secret of shungites positive effects – the molecule fullerene. In 1996, the discovery of these molecules was awarded with a Nobel price. Since then the future of shungite is linked with curiosity for further scientific exploration.

Since fullerene molecules have been discovered by the research of shungite, they have become the basis for the rapid development of nanotechnologies. As we already know, nanotechnologies lead the direction of our technological future. Not to forget to mention, the 21st century is a century of carbon, especially fullerene. The properties and potentials of one of the most essential elements of our life – carbon have not been fully examined yet, even though the scientific world is making progress within this field.

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